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Pleiades' principals draw on over 50 years of continuous experience of purchasing, successfully managing and operating merchant vessels of various types and sizes in both good and poor freight markets.

The company is highly regarded across the industry for its 'hands-on' management style, prudent operating policies, rigorous tanker fleet maintenance, safety standards and its long-term commitment to capably serving the global oil transportation sector.

Initially the Pleiades group pioneered orders from the mid-60s forward for the Japanese-built 15,000 dwt Freedom type multi-purpose dry-cargo vessels, and later for the Freedom MK II with its substantial Greek design input.

Apart from well-judged secondhand purchases, the group also took deliveries of bulk carrier new-buildings in Denmark and South Korea, and had by the late 1970s developed into one of the largest operators of multi-purpose general cargo vessels in the world, with a fleet of 34 vessels of some 1.5m deadweight tons carrying capacity.

During the 1980s Pleiades saw its opportunity to enter the tanker market. Wet trading units that were successfully managed and operated ranged from chemical and product carriers to Panamax , Suezmax and VLCCs regularly chartered by BP,Chevron, Exxon, Shell, Texaco and other oil majors.

All four of the group's very large crude carrierswere initially employed in Iran's shuttle service that linked Kharg Island with the southern Gulf up until the end of 1988.

Since 1993 the company has decided to specialize in Panamax - Aframax class tanker trade. Starting with the acquisition of 2nd hand vessels in a very short time it was operating a fleet of 17 ships, mainly Japanese built.

In 1997 Pleiades focused on modernizing its fleet by ordering tonnage replacement. In September of the same year the Company signed the first contract for two (2) panamax size new-buildings with Dalian New Shipyard.

In January 1998 Pleiades joined forces with Heidenreich Marine Inc., another major operator of Panamax tankers in the North-South American market and founded the Heidmar-Pleiades Pool, a revenue-sharing Panamax tanker pool. This pool is nowadays known as Star Tankers Inc.

During the period from 2002 to 2006 the company built ten (10) Panamax size vessels. Seven (7) of the Panamaxes are sister vessels and are highly appreciated by the market for their exceptional performance and carrying capability compared to vessels of the same size.

During 2011 the company continued its expansion and modernization program by adding two (2) new-built Aframax size tankers to its fleet.